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Concierge Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare delivery where members pay a yearly subscription for access directly to their provider. Care is delivered to the patient on their terms, think of this as more of a healthcare when and how you need it. This is not only a 9am-4pm type of practice. You can call, text, and message your provider 24/7.  We do not accept insurance, now before you stop reading let me explain. With the development of high deductible insurance plans you, the patient, bear much more cost. This cost may come in the form of premiums or deductibles, when you go to what you would think of as a normal primary care provider who accepts insurance, you pay for the negotiated rate for that visit. Maybe that is $150 or $200 and you do this until your deductible is met $5000-$10000 later. This money comes from either your HSA or your pocket right? In our model we charge significantly less than average because we do not have the overhead that is required to negotiate rates, bill the insurance, make sure we are paid by the insurance, and then have to send our patients a bill because their deductibles are not met. We remove that middle man, and  because of that we are able to charge you flat fees for visits with clear and transparent pricing. This model of healthcare delivery is up and coming it has many benefits aside from being highly cost effective. Direct primary care overall leads to better healthcare outcomes for patients. Since we have smaller patient populations we have more time to spend with our patients, we can develop key relationships that lead to building better health! The goal of our practice is to provide you with a level of customer service that is unrivaled by the big box healthcare giant down the road.

The great part about our practice is we are hybrid. That means if you are looking for a primary care provider on a more traditional basis that is great we offer direct primary care from 9-6pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday 8-12pm.  If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare, maybe you are busy and need care outside of the normal business hours, or maybe you want that extra level of personal care then our concierge model will be best. Either way, you will be treated to a highly personal, and overall exceptional level of care the big box health care retailers wish they could provide. Read my reviews, browse this site, give me call to see how Total Concierge can change the way you view healthcare.

Well, I am glad you asked this question. The answer is I don’t have one! I know that sounds odd right? Well, if you are thinking about in terms of the healthcare system you have known since you were a kid sure. However, just as we have made many changes to how the world has operated over the course of the past two years so should healthcare. You deserve to be seen when and where you need it. I will come to you at a time that is convenient for you. Maybe that is your office, or home. That could be at 7pm or in case of some sort of emergency even at 2am. You never have to worry about not being seen in this practice. You will always have an in person visit if that is what you request. Also, I offer a full suite of telehealth options as well!

No, there is no insurances accepted here with Total Concierge. Insurance limits our ability to treat you with the time and care needed!

With the invention of the High deductible insurance plans that are so popular now, you the patient are the only one that suffers. You pay high monthly premiums and high visit cost or coinsurance whenever you seek care. With our model you pay our practice directly with any major credit card, Venmo, Paypal, Cash app and even your HSA.  Since we are cutting out the middle man my services can be much more affordable. This allows me to provide greater access to care. You pay me less, therefore, you have more in your HSA to pay for things its meant for like ED visits, surgeries, specialist visits.

You will always have upfront pricing, and never receive an unexpected bill in the mail. Our goal is to make healthcare what it should be all about our patients first, not profits!

I can provide you with a superbill if you so choose for submission to your insurance company so you can use my visit cost to count towards your deductible. We cannot guarantee any service you seek here will be paid in full. If you look at our pricing model you will see how affordable our care is. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us we gladly discuss how concierge healthcare is a benefit to you the patient first!

That is a great question. First, think of us like any other primary care office. We treat all medical conditions appropriate for primary care. We offer services your primary office likely does not. This includes Urgent care and sick visits in the comfort of your home. We utilize telehealth when appropriate, however, we will never use it if you ask for an in person visit.  You will never have to have a COVID test prior to a visit even if you are sick.

We love the concierge model where you pay a retainer fee for our service 24/7 365.  This gets you direct access to the provider when you need it! It also gets you special pricing on our medical weight loss, and IV hydration.

Our direct primary care is similar to any other primary care office, except, the cost will be much lower and you will receive care when and how you need it!

Our goal will always be to provide care when and how you need it. No 3 month wait time to see a provider. Many times we can see you the same day!

In addition to our full suite of primary and urgent care; We offer a unique individualized approach to medical weight loss. We us a medication called Semaglutide. Its a weekly injection that I will come to you to inject. We use this medication along with oStudies have shown this medication to help patients lose up to 10-15% of their body weight. Along with medication we use individual nutrition and exercise plans to help you meet and many times exceed your health goals! Once we get started you will have direct access to me 24/7 so I can help get you the results you are looking for, and help you maintain the results for life!

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We have a patient portal using one of the nations largest electronic health record, eClinicalworks. What does that mean for you? Using one of the largest outpatient electronic health records enables us to provide you with the most accurate, expert, and highly personalized care. You will have access directly to my schedule so you can schedule an appointment when you need it. If you need, you can always call us directly and we can help you schedule your appointment.

Many of the countries Primary Care Offices are opting for the Direct Model

Dr. Paul Thomas in Detroit Michigan, founded one of the successful DPC clinics from the ground up. He is one of the foremost experts in the field of DPC. Find some of the exciting news in DPC here!

Direct Primary Care Coalition is an advocacy group that is highlighting the importance of the provider patient relationship here is a link for more information.

I believe in this model for many reasons. The first being, accessibility. People in America despite having access to the best healthcare system in the country do not seek care for any number of reasons. I believe in removing barriers, I will come to you even after hours to make sure you get the care you deserve.  Did you know the average primary care office has 2500-3000 patients on their panel? They need to have this many just to keep the doors open. Here our goal is to have around 300-500. This allows our patients direct access when and how they need it. No waiting a month for an appointment, you get phones calls back within minutes, urgent and sick care when you need it. 

Secondly, I believe in making services affordable. Primary care is not where you should be spending your HSA dollars. This money is designed for you to use for things you cannot afford like emergency room visits, surgeries, imaging, expensive medications, or specialists. When you are spending $2-$300 two or three times per year for primary care visits how will you have any money left if an emergency with your health happens? Even my concierge services are a fraction of the cost of others. Costing less than the average cup of coffee per day, or a week of tobacco addiction, or less than any number of things we as consumers may throw our money at.

Lastly, building better health! Believe it or not in primary care one of the most important aspects is developing a relationship with your patient. This trusting relationship ultimately allows me to place the building blocks of your health in place so you can achieve better long term health outcomes. The last person you will take advice from is someone you do not trust right? Why would you trust someone with your health if you cannot build basic rapport with them! 

Call, txt, or message us today so you can experience first hand how Total Concierge is different than your average healthcare facility!