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Direct Primary Care
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Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare where the patient and provider relationship is prioritized unlike the typical fee for service model that your local big box healthcare provider is using. With DPC the care is delivered to the patient on their terms, think of this as more of a healthcare when and how you need it. Our average wait time for appointment is one day, many times we offer same day appointments to our patients and, our average appointment time is 30minutes. We do not accept insurance, now before you stop reading let me explain. With the development of high deductible insurance plans, you, the patient, bear much more cost. This cost may come in the form of premiums or deductibles, when you go to what you would think of as a normal primary care provider who accepts insurance, you pay for the negotiated rate for that visit. Maybe that is $150 or $200, and you do this until your deductible is met $5000-$10000 later. This money comes from either your HSA or your pocket, right? In our model we charge significantly less than average because we do not have the overhead that is required to negotiate rates, bill the insurance, make sure we are paid by the insurance, and then have to send our patients a bill because their deductibles are not met. We remove that middle man, and because of that we are able to charge you flat fees for visits with clear and transparent pricing. You will never receive a surprise bill from our practice ever!

This model of healthcare delivery is up and coming it has many benefits aside from being highly cost effective. Direct primary care overall leads to better healthcare outcomes for patients. Since we have smaller patient populations, we have more time to spend with our patients, we can develop key relationships that lead to building better health! The goal of our practice is to provide you with a level of customer service that is unrivaled by the big box healthcare giant down the road.

The great part about our practice is we are hybrid. That means if you are looking for a primary care provider on a more traditional basis great, we offer direct primary care from 9-6pm Monday thru Friday. We even offer weekend appointments on Saturday from 8-12pm.  If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to healthcare, maybe you are busy and need care outside of the normal business hours, or maybe you want that extra level of personal care then we have an exciting and cost-effective concierge model. Either way, you will be treated to a highly personal, and overall exceptional level of care the big box health care retailers wish they could provide. Read my reviews, browse this site, give me call to see how Total Concierge can change the way you view healthcare.

Monday  thru Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
Sunday closed
Single Initial Visit New Patient $90
Follow up Visits $80
Telehealth: $70
Telehealth follow up $60
Urgent Care visit: $120
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