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IV Hydration

IV Hydration therapy is designed to improve your overall well-being. IV Hydration therapy has become one of the fastest growing segments in healthcare because of the overwhelming benefits it has for patients. There are formulations to help with every imaginable body function. IV Hydration is great for reducing inflammation, improving brain function and memory, boost energy, boost your immune system to help fight off infection, recovery from exercise, and yes even help cure that hangover! Find some information below, and contact us to schedule your infusion today!

Myers’ cocktail : $225 per infusion

The Gold Standard of IV Hydration

Vitamins: Vitamin C, B complex and Vitamin B12

  • Calcium: Calcium aids bone formation and strength. It also can help control irregular heartbeats.
  • Magnesium-Generally stored in bones, muscles, and soft tissues. It has been found to reduce fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms and may even help those at risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Zinc- Zinc has been proven to help regulate the immune system. Zinc is not naturally created in the body. Deficiency of zinc can lead to subsequent health issues.
  • Gluthiadone- Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body. Glutathione aids the immune system, slow the normal aging process.
  • · Saline Solution: All ingredients for the Myers’ cocktail are combined in an IV bag usually consisting of normal saline

Pure Hydration

Normal Saline infusion: $115 per infusion

Hydration with Normal Saline is the one of the most important aspects of your overall health and well-being. The average person should take in 80-120oz of water daily. The average American struggles to take in minimum requirements daily, usually 20-40oz daily. Pure hydration will boost your hydration which is vital for every function in the body.

Get Up and Get Moving: $175 per infusion

Patented energizing blend of vitamins and amino acids will boost your energy levels so you have the energy to get all you need done and more!

Immune Booster: $200 per infusion

We all know that Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere, this formulation with zinc, vitamin C, and amino blends will help boost your immune system so you can fight anything that comes your way!

Reboot and Revitalize: $200 per infusion

Help ease the hangover with a mix of multivitamins, Zofran and hydration therapy to get you moving after a memorable night or weekend out!


NAD+ can be added to any IV Hydration Service or alone as part of an injection therapy
General Information on NAD+

First discovered in the early eighteenth century, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential ingredient in every metabolic process within the human body. All significant cellular events within the human body cannot occur without the presence of NAD. Examples of some processes that are dependent on NAD are glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose into pyruvate and hydrogen), citric acid or tricarboxylic acid cycle (the release of stored energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats through the oxidation of acetyl CoA), the oxidation or breakdown of fatty acids, DNA repair, inflammatory responses, among many other processes. NAD usually undergoes either oxidation or reduction as it exerts its effects on the body’s metabolic processes; the oxidized variant of NAD is referred to as NAD+

Benefits of IV NAD Therapy

Given the integral role that NAD+ plays in all the body’s major processes as detailed in the previous section, it is essential to ensure that NAD+ levels are optimal. NAD+ can be used to help support the body in many ways. Here are some of the reasons why an individual may consider receiving intravenous NAD+ supplementation.

1) Improved Cognition

As has previously been stated, NAD+ has been shown to exert both protective and stimulatory effects on the brain. For this reason, IV NAD+ therapy may be administered to potentially enhance memory, improve concentration, improve the ability to focus, enhance brain regeneration, and improve overall neurological function. Studies are still ongoing regarding the precise means by which exogenous NAD+ supplementation exerts these effects.

2) Chronic Fatigue

IV NAD+ therapy has been used in the management of individuals with chronic fatigue and low energy levels. NAD+ is an essential cofactor in the glycolytic pathway and tricarboxylic acid pathways; these pathways result in Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production, which is the energy source of the human body. Through exogenous NAD+ supplementation, ATP levels in the body are increased which may have a resulting effect in boosting energy levels and reducing feelings of fatigue.

3) Athletic Performance

Due to its role in ATP production, some athletes have used IV NAD+ therapy to enhance their athletic capabilities and performance. NAD+ may boost energy levels, improve cognition, and increase reaction times in athletes during competitions or other athletic events. In addition, studies have shown that NAD+ supplementation may assist in muscle development as well as muscle repair, leading to muscle hypertrophy and muscle hyperplasia.

5) Pain Management

One of the more novel reasons why some individuals receive IV NAD+ therapy is in managing pain. NAD+ is known to exert significant anti-inflammatory actions within body and may be used to reduce the inflammation that typically occurs with pain and, thereby, offer some relief from pain. Studies into the use of supplemental NAD+ as a form of pain control are still ongoing and the results so far are not yet definitive.